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Terada Parts co.ltd

Company philosophy

Company creed

1. Tread on the right path.
Keep clear conscience, taking it mind that "gray" means "black". Value and maintain a spirit of integrity.

1. Strive after virtue―do good.

Return favors for good. Be such a person who keeps giving to others rather than taking from others.

1. Never escape.
Face a fact all the more so in a difficult situation. Don't run away or misfortune will chase you.

Company mission

■Corporate sense of mission

[Peace of mind, polite, quick!

 Terada Parts will take a lead over our industry, making great progress for the sake of our customers as well as our future with our motto " Reassurance, Respectfulness and Readiness".


■Our Five Codes of Conduct

We pledge that we will enrich people's mind and invent the future of our industry.

1. Customers
We pledge that we will contribute to customers' benefit and development, providing practical information and quick response.

1. Products
We pledge that we will swiftly supply our customers with friendly and safe parts for the future environment.

1. Management
We pledge that we will thoroughly perform our business, respecting compliance and also simple and clear management.

We pledge that we will treat the people we work with as a family where we respect each other through good communications.