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Terada Parts co.ltd

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Message from President

 President & CEO</br> hiromasa terada

President & CEO
hiromasa terada

Our company commercializes useable parts and components taken from unwanted car bodies.
We commercialize products by checking quality and cleaning them which would otherwise be useless and end up in a landfill.
Today "recycling" is getting much public attention, however, I believe it is more important to reuse quality products as they are, without reprocessing and to make them available on the market.
"Reuse" first, and then we sort out uncommercialized parts to sell as recycling materials.
We are aiming to be such a company that supports society, doing our best in the engagement with resource recovery by reusing as much materials as possible.

Corporate Profile

Company outline Terada Parts co.ltd,
Address HK LOT2969SB,DO111,Kam Tin ROAD,Yuen Long,NT
TEL:24466811 FAX:24466877 E-mail: teradayuji1221@gmail.com
Head Office 2-6-12 Higashikariya cho.Kariya-city.Aichi.Japan
TEL:0566-26-0063 FAX:050-3477-9451 mail:k604@ngp.gr.jp
Clemac Kariya Shop 2-6-12 Higashikariya cho.Kariya-city.Aichi.Japan
TEL:0566-63-1573 FAX:0566-24-6428 mail:k604@ngp.gr.jp
Ogakie office 55-2 Onchayashita Ogakie cho.Kariya-city.Aichi.Japan
TEL:0566-26-5537 FAX:0566-26-5544 mail:k60402@ngp.gr.jp
Handa office 118-2 Higashiokuda cho.Handa-city.Aichi.Japan
TEL:0569-25-0045 FAX:0569-26-2155 mail:k60403@ngp.gr.jp
Iida Office 2-6-12 823-5 Ikuta Matsukawa cho.shimoina-gun.nagano.Japan
TEL:0265-34-1522 FAX:0265-34-1523 mail:k60401@ngp.gr.jp
Koufu Office 1598-9 tukijinii showa cho.nakakoma-gun.nagano.Japan
TEL:055-287-7761 FAX:055-287-7762 mail:k60404@ngp.gr.jp
Suwa Office 6577-68 ochiai fujimi cho.suwa-gun.nagano.Japan
TEL:0266-78-3538 FAX:0266-78-3539 mail:k60405@ngp.gr.jp
Capital 10 million yen
Establishment 1970
Annual sales 1.6 billion yen(2013)
Number of employees 56 people