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As Japan is one of the biggest car producing countries in the world, a huge number of parts are used and available today.
NGP Group fully utilizes on-line computer system to instantly find parts you may need and to deliver them smoothly.
The "NGP System" is connected to the affiliated computer systems throughout Japan, which enables us to deliver orders more rapidly.

Body parts ・ exterior parts

Body Parts
(Sheet metal parts)
>Hood>Grill>Door mirror>Bumper class>Light kind>Such as >door>Spoiler>Trunk>Glasses
>Right front door >Front bumper >Front grille >Fender panel >Hood
右フロントドア フロントバンパー フロントグリル フェンダーパネル ボンネットフード
>Front wind-shield glas >Rear combina-tion lamps >Headlight >Trunk lid >Rear bumper
フロントウィンドウ シールドガラス リアコンビネーションランプ ヘッドライト トランクリッド リアバンパー
Suspension parts
>Absorber (knuckle)>Air suspension pump>Drive shaft>Steering shaft
>Tire wheel>Horsing>Deaf>Power steering gearbox and pump
>Automatic transmission >Steering rack and pinion >Front knuckle >Front drive shaft >Front strut
オートマチックトランスミッション ステアリングラック&ピニオン フロントナックル フロントドライブシャフト フロントストラット
Saw indoor electrical equipment
>Sheets>Air conditioner compressor>Dash panel>Condenser>Meter equipment>Various computer>Handle>Audio>Multivision
>Front seat >Speedometer >Cooler com- pressor >Cooler condenser  
フロントシート スピードメーター クーラーコンプレッサー クーラーコンデンサー  
Engine parts around

>Engine>Intercooler>Cylinder head>Air cleaner>Starter>Air flow meter?Alternator>Radiator>Distributor>Mission>Injection pump>Carburetor>Fuel pump>Fuel tank>Turbocharger>Other muffler

>Turbocharger >Cell-motor >Engine >Radiator >Dynamo
ターボチャージャー セルモーター エンジン ラジエーター ダイナモ
>Injection pump >Muffler kit      
噴射ポンプ マフラーキット      
"Reuse parts" are reusable parts or components that were commercialized after being dismounted from used cars, cleaned and checked for their quality.
Price of most reuse parts is about a half of the equivalent new parts.

Used parts manufacturing process

  • 1.Life vehicles taking over
  • 2.Warehousing

CRANE vehicles are also available. Please be assured by car that does not move at all.


Perform the work safely and stocked to the pit

  • 3.Parts removal
  • 4.Cleaning


Because it is an important commodity, and carefully remove it


Wash clean and paying attention to the fine details

  • 5.Quality check,beautification
  • 6.Re-packing TanaIri


Check carefully for any signs of dirt, and clean


As that can be shipped quickly, and save 

  • 7.Online registration
  • 8.Orders,packing


I am registered with the NGP system to
detail the state of the products checked


It is delivered make packing carefully


Used parts inventory landscape

  • Engine,mission
  • Suspension
  • Windshield
  エンジン ミッション 足廻り フロントガラス
  • Bumper
  • Bonnet
  • Door
  バンパー ボンネット ドア
  • Door mirror
  • Tail
  • Sheet
  ドアミラー テール シート
  • Radiator,condenser
  • Shelf parts
  ラジエター・コンデンサー 部品棚