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"Rebuilt parts" are the parts that were reproduced from used factory parts in almost new condition.
When you buy a rebuilt part, please return the "core" (the originally installed part that will be replaced with a newly purchased rebuilt part) to us. Failing this procedure, you will be charged for the price of "core".
Engine エンジン廻り部品Engine body only. Please contact us for accessories
Engine auxiliaries エンジン補機類Turbocharger,carburetor,injection pump,air conditioner compressor,Alternator,starter,air flow sensor,throttle body Turbocharger,carburetor,injection pump,air conditioner compressor,Alternator ,starter,air flow sensor,throttle body
Automatic transmission
Manual transmission
オートマミッションAutomatic transmission includes converter
Drive-train 駆動系Transfer,drive shaft,power steering pump,power steering gear box ,coupling,differential gear
Exterior 外装 Bumper face,fender

Rebuilt Parts

Bumper face F glass (each car model stock),radiator (aluminum products in stock),rear muffler,O2 sensor,condenser,power window switch,brake booster,brake pads